This morning, I woke up in my very own Brooklyn!! Next to my very own Lovely Boyfriend!! Granted, it was 4:45 AM and I was wide awake (thanks, Jet Lag), but that’s just a minor detail! I tried not to wake up Lovely Boyfriend (let’s call him LB) as I bounded out of bed. Seeing as it is LB’s birthday today, I thought that I would make good use of my early morning rising and surprise him with some breakfast.

I headed to the butcher’s shop, but was sad to learn that they hadn’t yet opened. I guess it’s the baker that opens at the crack of dawn. Clearly, I have limited experience with early morning vendors.

I ambled dejectedly into the local bodega (which is more of an overpriced health food shop than a true bodega) with a single goal: BACON. Now, I’ve recently converted to vegetarianism, but that doesn’t mean LB has. And I can’t think of a better way to say “I love you” than thick, fatty slabs of breakfast bacon (in the shape of a heart, if all goes according to plan – eat your heart out, Hallmark).

As I was perusing the depressing assortment of Oscar Mayer’s finest pork (why couldn’t you be open, butcher? why??), my stomach growled. I felt a pang of uneasiness – what if this is the part where I waffle about being a vegetarian and do a swan dive into the increasingly tempting variety of pork products in front of me?? Is this that part?

No, it would not be. I marched determinedly over to the closest NON-MEAT section, which happened to be the dairy section. Before India, I wasn’t too into dairy. One tango with intestinal bacteria later, I’m a fan. Probiotics are my friend. I snapped up a bottle of low–fat, strawberry kefir. I settled on a package of thick cut bacon for LB, and grabbed a banana and a package of chia seeds on my way to the register.


El Breakfast of Championes, ole!

I needed a quick breakfast that didn’t involve cooking or blending (my beloved blender is packed away in storage for the time being). It had to be filling, as it was still DIRT EARLY and who knows when LB would be rolling out of bed. I wanted it to be nutritious, as I would very soon be facing the ultimate vegetarian breaker: Delicious, freshly cooked bacon. Kefir, give me strength!!

Back at the bat cave, I chopped up the banana and chucked it, along with a teaspoon of chia seeds, into a cup of kefir. A quick mix and breakfast was done! Best of all, it was pretty darn good. Chia seeds are kind of expensive, but they’re a great investment. A teaspoon of these suckers in some yogurt or a smoothie will keep you feeling full for hours. Overall, it had a little more sugar in it than I would prefer, but for a quick fix, I’d call this experiment a success. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a heart-shaped bacon arrangement to assemble.


It’s a face only a momma could love, but trust: It’s good. ๐Ÿ™‚