So the Skeptical Yogi has been nursing a pretty major heartbreak during the past week, and as such, has been too much of a Sad Bastard to post. However, life is insisting that I pull up my bootstraps! I have things to do! There are some Big Changes on the horizon for me. I’m trying to focus on the future and stay positive. It isn’t always easy, but as my new perfume reminds me: Carry On.

In a fairly desperate move for a quick cheer-up, I recently went to Sephora. I knew it was bad when even the prospect of new lipgloss didn’t bring a smile to my face. So when the salesgirl (annoyingly cheerful salesgirl, I should add) bounced over to suggest I look at a new aromatherapy line, I immediately agreed. It’s called 21 Drops, and they are artisan blends of essential oils (100% natural! yes!). The one I chose was “Carry On”, a blend specifically for heavy hearts. There’s even a little catchprase under the lid, “I grieve. I let go. I move forward.”

The scent is nice, with notes of rose and sandalwood, but it doesn’t last as long as I would like. Regardless, it does perk me up a bit when I apply it, which is worth its $29 pricetag in itself. The packaging is a little excessive, given the tiny bottle, but it’s snappy enough that I’ll give it a pass.

In another effort to cheer myself up, I looked over my notes from my philosophy class in India. It was very useful and comforting to immerse myself in the widsom of my teacher, Swamiji (AKA Swami G). Being able to separate yourself from your emotions and experience them as just that – simply, emotions – is a powerful tool. We are not our thoughts, or emotions, but it’s easy to forget that and become overwhelmed by either one. I also found one quote that I have underlined – “Projecting into the future creates anxiety”. I will carry this with me in the coming weeks, as my life continues to move and shake!

Until next time! Carry on! 🙂