I had a pretty good run on Saturday morning! I woke up with the birds to meet my running group at the park by 8 AM.  We did a pretty flat, easy six miler and I was done before 9 AM! Pretty good way to start the weekend! I was feeling really great, until the run ended.  Out of nowhere, my sinuses decided to completely revolt.  AWFUL! Nothing like sinus pressure so bad your teeth hurt!

When I got home, I decided to combat the sinus demon with some spice (also, some Sudafed).  I combined a couple recipes I found online for tofu curry to create a fabulously spicy coconut-veggie curry.  I used tofu, bok choy, bell peppers, mushroom, and tomatoes.  I found the sauce a little thin, so I chucked in a little cornstarch. Poof! Thicker!Image

It did its job in clearing my sinuses. 🙂

Saturday afternoon, I met up with a friend for an early dinner.  My friend is also a vegan (and a runner!), and I found myself nerding out, telling him all about the new vegan recipes I’ve been trying.  It made me wish I had someone to cook for! (My wish was granted that afternoon, when my brother came over and I foisted some curry upon him.) With Valentine’s Day looming, my singleness is not something I can easily forget like usual.  More on that later this week (in a very special Un-Valentine’s Day post)…

I’m really digging this 30 Day Challenge.  I feel good about what I’m eating and have lots of energy.  I am seriously considering keeping it up after the 30 days! I enjoy the challenge of finding and trying new vegan recipes. I’ve even starting collecting non-vegan recipes to see if I can vegan-ize them!  Also, it seems like a very natural extension of the very reasons I became a vegetarian (which I won’t break down on here tonight, but the short version is a very stringent “do no harm” personal philosophy). I’m going to experiment with some cheese substitutes in the coming weeks, and if I can find some satisfying vegan cheeses, I might be on board, kids!  Rut-roh! Is there a convert in the works??