I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve encountered a bit of a problem that has forced me to compromise quite a bit with some recipes.  The problem has a name:  Rex.  Rex is a black labrador and usually a very lovely, playful companion.  She watches me when I cook, and sometimes comes on shorter runs with me.  Unfortunately, it appears that she’s developed quite a taste for MAYHEM lately!  To date (this is just THIS WEEK), she’s consumed:

1/2 loaf of whole wheat bread

1/2 loaf of rye bread

3/4 of a brick of vegan cheese

My favorite Swatch watch

1 entire package of Beggin’ Strips (which were securely, I thought, up on a counter)

Also, I’m missing an entire box of veggie bullion cubes.  Rex is the prime suspect.Image

The culprit, looking guilty.

As such, I’ve had to make due with what’s left, which, frankly, hasn’t been much.  I whipped up a really good chili yesterday with some canned tomatoes, corn, beans, and some sliced zucchini.  To give it some kick, I cut up some canned chipotle peppers and dumped them, with the sauce, into the chili.  It was quick, delicious, and had a great smoky flavor from the chipotles.  Easy as pie!  Now, if only I had some vegan cheese to sprinkle on top…. (What kind of dog eats a brick of vegan cheese?? I couldn’t even eat a brick of the stuff!)

Needless to say, I will be MUCH more careful with my selections at the grocery store next time around (AND where I store my human food).

As I’ve been overall disappointed with the quality, texture, and flavor of the store-bought vegan cheeses I’ve tried so far, I think this week I will try to make a nut-based cheese.  I’ve spotted some recipes for cashew-based “ricotta” that are begging to be tried.  There may be a lasagna in this girl’s future.

On the running side, I’ve been down and out for over a week!! As I am fully determined to complete the 1/2 marathon, I decided to really, truly give my hip time to heal.  I don’t want to cause permanent or major damage just because I’m being stubborn.  So I am sitting this week out with the hopes of easing back into my training regimen this weekend.  I really think if I’m smart about this, I can still run my upcoming races (and not screw myself up for biking season, which is fast approaching!).

On a final note:  I watched the documentary “Vegucated” last weekend and found it very inspirational!  I really think I just may be able to stay on this path after my 30 day challenge is complete!!

Eat well and train smart, everyone!  ❤