I started this blog with the intention of actually keeping up with it, honest I did. But then life sort of happened. 

At my last posting date, I was working towards a goal of completing a half marathon.  I was also experimenting with a strictly vegan diet.  More or less at once, both of these fell to the wayside.  In respect to the running, I suffered from an injury I just couldn’t get past. The more I pushed my body to work through my hip injury, the more my bum hip protested. When it reached a point where I couldn’t complete a run without popping a couple Advil in advance, I faced the sinking realization that I might not be able to reach my goal. Allow me to rephrase:  I might not be able to reach my goal without looking at a substantial time/money commitment to physical therapy. And I was unwilling to do that to my body, or my pocketbook.

That was a real hard pill to swallow.

Even now, six months later, I feel sad and disappointed when I think about it. 

On the vegan front – a different and happier story. I was really enjoying the hell out of the vegan diet and found that, in my experimentation, I had discovered a real passion:  I love cooking! I love vegan cooking, specifically! While I don’t adhere to a strict vegan diet, I do still enjoy puttering around in the kitchen.  I still love the challenge of “veganizing” a recipe.  These days, my focus is more on enjoying whole, seasonal foods. I rarely consume dairy, but I don’t NOT eat it.  I found that, especially when eating out, life is much easier as a vegetarian.

So what am I going to write about?? 

I’m going to return to my original vision for this blog – all things yoga and wellness related. I have had many changes in my life since my last post! A new city, a new job, a new boyfriend! 

Oh my!