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With the holidays fast approaching, I’m doing what I can to eat as “clean” as humanly possible.  See, I realize the caloric onslaught will be unavoidable (technically, I could avoid it, but that’s not any fun), so I’m doing what I can to minimize the damage.  One of my stop-gap measures has been having a green smoothie for breakfast.  It’s cheap, it’s pretty quick, and by God it feels healthy going down.

I normally prepare my smoothie shortly before I leave for work, after my boyfriend has already left.  Last week though, I had to be in early so I was in the kitchen blending away when my boyfriend was leaving.  He peered at the blender, a look of unmasked disgust across his face.  I was happily shoving another handful of spinach into the frothy green concoction.

“You know,” he remarked, “this process usually takes place inside the body.  It’s called mastication and digestion.”

“You know,” I calmly replied, “this process (gesturing to my blender) usually takes place when you’re already at work, so I don’t have to hear commentary from the peanut gallery.”

Zing! Hee-hee!

There are a million different green smoothie recipes out there. Mine is the down and dirty, cheap as sh!t version.  I can’t always afford to buy organic produce, so I’ve pared this down to ingredients I can reliably find for a reasonable price.

Handful or two of spinach

If you have it, maybe a little kale although romaine is a little more palatable

Two apples, cored and chopped.

One banana, cut into pieces.

Extras: juice of half a lemon, a stalk of celery, a pear if I feel fancy.

I chuck these into my blender a bit at a time with a good amount of water, and blend the crap out of them until it’s like a green milkshake.

Then I drink it.  Allllll of it.  It tastes pretty good, in spite of my boyfriend’s snarky comments (he won’t even try it, so what does he know!). The trick is to really blend it well.  If you have a Vitamixer: USE IT, fancy-pants!

Let’s raise a glass of green goodness to our health, happiness, and ability to zip our jeansgreen without pliers and prayer come January!




That’s right! I couldn’t even come up with a word for a title! It’s that good!!  Unless you hate caramel. Then it’s just sort of “meh”.

I won’t make you read a bunch – it’s vegan caramel! It’s freaking delicious, pretty healthy, and actually quicker to make than real caramel.  I’m filled with excitement right now because I just made it and it so far exceeded my expectations that I’m filled with the evangelizing spirit. I. Must. Share. 

It’s so easy! Dates, vanilla extract, coconut oil, and maybe a sprinkle of salt if you feel fancy (less than a cup of dates + a small splash of vanilla + less than 2 tablespoons of oil, nuked to make it liquid).  That’s it.  Blend them together. Put it in your mouth. Share it with someone you love. Or someone you hate. Just try making this stuff. 

I did a dumb thing. I used a food process instead of my cool blender, so I got caramel-ish.  It still tastes awesome, though! Use a blender. Yours will look much better. 

I’m not sure how it started.  Looking back, I think perhaps Upworthy was the gateway drug.  Interesting, feel-good (or feel-righteous-outrage) content started popping up in my Facebook feed. When I started teaching yoga, I added Doyouyoga for the yoga-centric articles and occasional videos.  Then Facebook started suggesting pages – “Hey, Skeptical Yogi! I smell what you’re cooking, and I think it’s wellness! Lots of wellness! Why don’t you also like Elephant Journal? Oh, also Mindbodygreen. And don’t forget Yoga Journal!”

Click.  Click. Liked. Liked!

Soon, my Facebook feed became a barrage of wellness information. “Hemp seeds are the new flax seeds!” 

“Top fifteen reasons why you should already be on a juice fast!” 

“Kale! Eat more kale!”

At first, I felt a twisted sense of obligation to click through.  As a yoga instructor, and someone with a personal interest in this amorphous “wellness” collection of interests (trend? Should I not call it a trend?) I felt that by not reading whatever article popped up, I was missing out. Also, they frequently piqued my curiosity! What ARE the top eight nutrients my diet is missing? Pray tell, what health benefits will I reap from mindfulness meditation? What’s that? A step-by-step guide to tadasana?? Yes, please!!

It can be an awful lot of information to absorb. Add to that the fact that many of these wellness sites recycle the same articles and reword the same lists. And some send out updates several times an hour (I’m looking at you, Elephant Journal).  It got overwhelming. As a new yoga instructor, I was already feeling overwhelmed. I overthought every class, spent hours on YouTube, and agonized over every pose. The last thing I needed was my Facebook feed screaming at me, “Hey! You forgot something!” 

So, I started weeding out. I “unliked” one afternoon until logging onto Facebook no longer felt like a endless wellness magazine. I kept the ones who have quality content, and who don’t bug the sh!t out of me with endless posts. I’ll post soon about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the wellness sites!