That’s right! I couldn’t even come up with a word for a title! It’s that good!!  Unless you hate caramel. Then it’s just sort of “meh”.

I won’t make you read a bunch – it’s vegan caramel! It’s freaking delicious, pretty healthy, and actually quicker to make than real caramel.  I’m filled with excitement right now because I just made it and it so far exceeded my expectations that I’m filled with the evangelizing spirit. I. Must. Share. 

It’s so easy! Dates, vanilla extract, coconut oil, and maybe a sprinkle of salt if you feel fancy (less than a cup of dates + a small splash of vanilla + less than 2 tablespoons of oil, nuked to make it liquid).  That’s it.  Blend them together. Put it in your mouth. Share it with someone you love. Or someone you hate. Just try making this stuff. 

I did a dumb thing. I used a food process instead of my cool blender, so I got caramel-ish.  It still tastes awesome, though! Use a blender. Yours will look much better.