As the title of this blog would suggest, I am not one to blindly jump on any bandwagon. 2013 ushered in some straight-up weird trends in wellness. While many of them piqued my interest, I couldn’t commit to trying all of them. Some of them couldn’t deliver enough promised benefit for the cost/time investment (hello, oil pulling). Others, however, warranted at least a go.  Here are some of the weird trends I gave a whirl in 2013:

1) Warm lemon water in the morning.  This is pretty low in the cost/time department, especially when you consider the (alleged) benefits: jump-starting your metabolism and balancing the pH levels in your stomach.

2) Tumeric! The list of benefits for this spice is long enough to entice me to find ways to incorporate it into everyday recipes.

3) Dried beans over canned.  I’ve read enough warnings by now to become wary of canned goods. Some things, like tomatoes, I just use too frequently to abandon cans altogether. But when possible, I have switched to buying fresh or dried items.

4) Tongue scraping. It sounds gross and gags me about half of the time. But I do think I have fresher breath and better overall oral hygiene thanks to the extra sixty seconds I devote to this every morning.

5) No processed foods! Well, not “no” processed foods. I’m certainly not churning my own butter or beekeeping, but I have cut back drastically on the amount of processed food I rely on. Hummus? I can make that! Bread? I can make that, too. I am very fortunate to have the luxuries of time and (a little) money to devote to exploring new ways to detach myself from the middle aisles of the grocery store.

So, what weird habits should I incorporate for 2014? There are so many to choose from!  If I took all of Mindbodygreen’s advice, it would take me about two hours to get out the door every morning (pre-shower dry brushing the skin, pre-tooth brushing oil pulling, meditating, yoga, affirmations, lemon water [before or after oil pulling??], green smoothie, packing organic lunch in mason jars, am I missing anything??), so I have to be selective. 

I think I will try to do at least one juice fast. I have a juicer and surely I could find three days when my boss is traveling and I could endure the eye rolls and head shaking of the Skeptical Boyfriend. 

I am trying to ramp up my meditation practice! The more experience I accumulate teaching yoga, the more I realize the importance of having a strong home yoga and meditation practice. 

Neti pot! This was part of my daily practice while in India, but I haven’t done it since and I miss it.  I think it will help with my allergy issues. 

I have other ideas, but none I’m willing to commit to writing.  Next weekend, I will be at a restorative yoga training! I hope to write about my experiences with that.  Until then, I hope 2014 is treating everyone well! Stay weird,