I recently purchased a car. This was a huge deal for me, as I didn’t have any payments with my old car. It hurts my feelings to think about this chunk of money leaving my bank account every month, but it had to be done. My old car was one breakdown away from sending me to the poorhouse. So! I have enacted some austerity measures in hopes of maintaining the extremely posh lifestyle to which I am accustomed (hahaha! Only joking about that last part – my goal here is to NOT live paycheck-to-paycheck. That’s it.).

Yoga encourages such behavior! Look at the yama aparigraha , or non-attachment! Before I bought this car, I had been thinking about doing a yogic Spring Cleaning anyway. I was going to purge my closet of things I hadn’t worn this winter, and started a purge of my Facebook friends list (for every person, I asked myself: if I saw them in the grocery store, would we both be delighted to see each other? If the answer was no for me, or I suspected it would be no for them, I un-friended them.).

So now I have to extend this principal to my finances. Lucky for me, one of my dear friends happens to be the amazing L Bee of L Bee and the Money Tree. Years ago, she dogged me to start a budget. “It’s fun!” She chirped. “You’ll get addicted!” I smiled and nodded, but tracking money has always seemed like a horrible drudgery to me, sort of like a micro version of doing my taxes. Every single day. So, I avoided it! I likely made some bonehead financial moves (ok, I definitely did), but it was fine! I wasn’t rich but I wasn’t poor. I was blissfully ignorant. Until now.

I finally started using Learnvest.com, years after L Bee’s urging. Know what? She was right! It IS addicting! They even have a nifty app I have on my phone! I also now religiously delete ALL the sale emails I get without opening them (I miss you, J. Crew!). I set a budget for myself and do my best to stick to it, regardless of the multitude of temptations that surround me (today’s temptation was a grey sweatshirt that says “I’m just here for the savasana” in sparkle letters).

It’s not perfect, but so far, this is going pretty well. If I come up with more money-saving tips (or steal them from L Bee), I will share!

I’ll close this with a wish for prosperity for all. (‘Cause wishes are still free!)