I started puttering around with DIY beauty one winter a few years ago when my dry skin had me burning through tubes of Eucerin cream every few weeks. It was getting pricey and I was becoming more conscious of what I put into (and on to) my body. Economics and curiosity combined to encourage me to explore alternatives.

My initial experiments yielded heavy, gritty, funky-smelling “body butters”. I have since played with a variety of ingredients. My favorite and most successful combination is a Shea butter/coconut oil/jojoba oil blend. I use 1:1 Shea and coconut oil, and a healthy squeeze or two of jojoba oil. Since natural Shea butter has an earthy, nutty smell that I’m not too keen about, I add 10 – 20 drops of my favorite essential oils.

The trick, for me, has been whipping the butter blend with a handheld mixer. After blending it on medium speed for a few minutes, the mixture starts to take on a light, fluffy consistency. As long as it’s stored somewhere cool, the fluffiness lasts and lasts!

It also depends on the quality of ingredients. Right now I’m using Mountain Rose Herbs, and I’m pretty happy with the products.
I found a recipe for DIY deodorant not too long ago! I may give that a whirl one of these days soon.