Mainly I mean taxes and yoga. I’ve been spending the last month trying to get everything ready to go for tax season.

This is not going to be exciting, but if you’re a yoga teacher (especially a new one, especially if you made over $600 teaching last year), listen up:

1) Get thee to an accountant. A good one. Get references from friends or your studio owner. Go talk to them. Do you like them? Do you TRUST them? No lie, accountants can be strange folk, especially if you’re coming from the bendy, breath-y world of yoga. You know who’s even harder to understand? The IRS guy who comes to audit you if your taxes are all screwed up.

2) Document the hell out of everything. Start a folder, or an envelope. Keep every yoga-related receipt you get. Buy a new mat? Keep the receipt. Travel to a training? Keep the damn receipt. For everything. If you’re a hella-nerd like me, start a spreadsheet. Mmmm, nerdy goodness right there.

3) Know your write-offs. Um, can I expense mileage when I go to teach a contract class (2014 federal mileage rate was $0.56/mile)? Yep! How about those blocks I bought for my students? Indeed! Talk to your accountant. Ask everything you can think of. Then ask more.

4) Be organized and prepared. Don’t walk into the accountant’s office with a fistful of receipts and a smile. Catalog it, organize it, whatever works for you. Make their job easier.

5) Don’t get ripped off!!! It can actually be cheaper to go to an accountant than to try to suffer through Turbotax or spend all that time trying to figure out what in the fresh hell Schedule C WANTS from you. Shop around. Find a good price.

An IRS audit is a world of pain. We may not all know this from personal experience, but we deeply suspect it from a primal place in our brains. Keep an eye out for those 1099s and get ready, yogis. Find your accountant and give them a hug. It will freak them the hell out.